Don’t underestimate the power of food when it comes to gift-giving. Whether you want to share your state’s signature foods with faraway friends, surprise a relative with a childhood favorite, keep a family food culture alive, or just put a smile on a friend or co-workers face, a beautifully wrapped treat will win hearts and taste buds.

Food is more than just nourishment, connection, and comfort. It is also a necessity. Everyone from a college dorm student to an elderly grandpa will enjoy encountering a food adventure. It is a gift that will never be returned or underappreciated. Peach pie from Georgia, pizza and breads from New York, beignets from New Orleans, pastrami from LA….the possibilities are endless.

When you give the gift of food, you can give a person the gift of memories. Think about the moment of nostalgia when a favorite meal provides a connection to one’s culture and/or heritage. An editable connection to the past.

Food meal kits and gift baskets can also be a thoughtful gift, especially when you choose one that is filled with foods you or might not splurge on for yourself. Kits and items for a particular dietary need can make it more personal and meaningful.

Gifting local food and drink products is a thoughtful touch. Giving a local product often introduces people to new flavors and experiences they may otherwise have missed. It also helps the “local” businesses and home businesses. I mean, anyone can go to the chain restaurant and get an appropriately priced gift card, but not everyone will take the time to go into town or on this platform and pick something up that’s made close to home.

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