On our second date, at an impossibly cozy (and by cozy I mean doll-sized) chocolate shop and cafe on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, my now-husband, asked out of the blue, “Would you go on a two-year-long honeymoon?” Um … yes!

A few years later we were married, had sold 90% of our possessions on Craigslist, gotten rid of our little beach shack in southern California, and packed what we had left into one backpack each. What followed was a 10-month trip to 8 countries – France, Switzerland, Italy, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.

While the trip was full of winding rainforest motorbike rides and cooking classes with Italian grandmas and snow-shoeing in the Alps and midnight, moonlit trips to hot springs and song circles at village coffee shops and hiking to hidden rainforests and grape harvesting and living in a van, one of the most surprising experiences was what I learned about beauty.