Some people say the worst part of travel is getting there. Some people loathe packing. (*raises hand*) And sometimes the idea of gearing up for holiday travel is downright overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

We’ve compiled some killer tips to make holiday travel a breeze, so that the whole experience, from packing your bags to unpacking when you get back, is a total joy! Don’t believe us? Read on, my friend.


– Clean out your fridge & empty your trash cans. No one likes coming home to a pungent kitchen!
– Go through a family album and brush up on those obscure relatives’ names! You’ll be grandma’s new favorite for remembering that cousin Mildred is your mom’s dad’s sister’s husband’s niece.
– Buy a few small gifts and some blank cards so you’re not caught in any awkward situations. Need ideas? How about a new, wrapped copy of a book you really enjoyed? Or one of those cool bars of soap with coffee beans in it for a jolt in the morning? Or a gift card to whatever movie theatre chain is nearby? Or a chic, neutral-toned wool scarf?
– Clean your house / room and do your laundry. There’s NOTHING nicer than coming home and having it be spotless.


– Take a minimal, mix and matchable wardrobe with a few pieces of statement jewelry.
– Get a good book or download some podcasts. You’ll finally have time to read / listen while you travel.
– Don’t forget your vitamins! Especially vitamin C for a little immune system boost. You’ll need it with that recycled airplane air and the cooler weather.
– Take cash for tipping the baggage guy at the hotel or the valet at the restaurant.
– Take a trash bag or grocery bag to put dirty clothes in!
– Don’t forget snacks and water for the trip. Pack a small, refillable bottle and some of your favorite munchies in case you need an airplane pick-me-up or a midnight snack at cousin Mildred’s.


– Unpack within 24 hours. I’ve made the mistake of waiting days and days and days to unpack and it stinks. The longer you look at that bag, the less you want to unpack it. Turn on some music, set a 10-minute timer and put your stuff away!
– Send the photos around! You probably took pictures with your friends and family when you were all together. If you haven’t already, send those pictures to everyone.
– Do something to take special care of your body. After a long bath, turn on spa music, light and candle and just stretch for a while. Drop in on a zumba class. Book a massage. Drink fruit-infused water. It’ll make you feel happy to be at home.
– And finally, plan the next thing you’re looking forward to. If your trip was great, it can feel like a drag coming back. Dream up something fun and put it on the calendar. Make plans to go to a concert. Make date night reservations at a fancy restaurant. Book yourself and your friends a slot at an axe-throwing place … yep, they exist.
Hope these tips were helpful.
What do you do to make travel more awesome?
Happy holiday travel!

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