Think you can’t have a magnificent Valentine’s Day as a single lady? Think again. This year’s can be your absolute loveliest yet.

Here’s our challenge to you: juice Valentine’s Day.  Juice it of its goodness and throw out the pulp. You know, the commercialism. That money-grubbing notion that you haven’t shown love unless you’ve shelled out wads of cash on expensive jewels and crazy lavish dinners. Or that if you’re not in a relationship, then you’re the loser that have to look on as others “win.” Throw it all out.

So what’s the goodness? What’s worth keeping?


Love that takes action to express itself.


Going out of your way to celebrate and serve someone else in a way that considers their desires first.


Basking in the beauty of a softly lit space, sumptuous music and sweet, sweet peace.

With that in mind, we’re giving you a few of our favorite positively lovely Valentine’s Day plans that’ll have you counting down the days ’til V-day.


Single Valentine’s Days can go sour if you’re stewing about the ex who broke your heart all day – meditating on the past. The best way to get present? Create a much more beautiful, brand new memory! Decide to go indoor skydiving, take a Thai cooking class, book a hot air balloon ride with a friend, enjoy a spa service you’ve never had, read your poetry at an open mic for the first time … your heart will be so full!


But on the other hand, sometimes it’s time to go deep. Sometimes days like VD are perfect for reflection – if you feel that would be healthy for your heart. If you can’t stop yourself from thinking about relationships, why not lean in and make all that pondering meaningful and uplifting?

Take yourself on a little retreat. Find a beautiful cafe or park or even get yourself a hotel room for the night somewhere pretty. Heck, you could even invite another single, positive friend to join you and double your reflection and growth.

Then spend some time journaling through these questions:

  • What blessings do I bring to the life of someone I’m in a relationship with?
  • In my past relationships, what did I learn about how to have a great one? How did I contribute to how things played out?
  • What life and love lessons do I want to bring with me into a future relationship?
  • What broken patterns do I want to leave in the past?
  • What hurts still need healing? I can I move towards healing them?
  • What traits do I realize now are important to have in my future love?
  • If a relationship is something I desire, what practical step can I take this week towards finding a meaningful relationship?

You’ll be amazed at the richness and healing that can happen when you use questions like this to mine your past of what’s good and what builds you up.


Spend some time carefully crafting a day that celebrates what you love. Ask yourself, “What’s a dinner I love?” Treat yourself to it. “What’s an outfit I feel beautiful in?” Wear it. “What’s an album I love?” Play it on a loop. “What’s a movie I love?” Get cozy and watch it. “What’s something fun I don’t let myself do often?” Get out those watercolors and paint! (With your favorite album playing.) “Who’s a person I love?” Call them up and make plans to be together, whether it’s your baby niece, a childhood friend or your office bestie.

Which brings us to …


Self-love doesn’t mean you have to be by yourself. Or even that things need to be all about you. Giving to others does something special to your heart. It’s a gift to you and to them! Reach out to people you love and scheme how to make the day special for them.

Tell a friend with kids that you’re coming over to hang out with them so she and her hubs can have a night out. Have lunch with your mom and bring her that new book she’d love to read, wrapped in a pretty bow. Think of something you’ve promised to do for a friend or family member and haven’t yet – then do it! Joyfully! Grab drinks with some girlfriends and find a moment to let them know why (specifically) you’re so thankful for their friendship. Volunteer at a women’s shelter and spend time listening to the women’s stories.

Love is all around and the best way to feel it is by giving some, whether it’s to yourself, or to the wonderful people around you.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Make it beautiful.

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