Summertime is looming around the corner which means one thing for many–vacay is on the horizon. While most of us wait all year to go on an excursion, traveling can be a daunting experience. When we are on our getaways, so many things can get in our way of having a great time. This can be anything from:

  • Illnesses contracted from airports
  • But bites from the sitting around the fire at dusk
  • Groggy travel days leaving you jet lagged
  • Stinging sunburns from falling asleep by the water
  • Stress caused by spending a little too much

Whatever is your pleasure may come with a bit of pain. Luckily, there are answers to these travel woes. When you pack for your summer getaway, be sure to sneak some of your essentials into the suitcase…essential oils.

Here are 5 essential oils you will want to bring on your siesta for all your traveling needs:


This essential oil may sound familiar. Many people buy citronella candles to ward off pesky bugs like mosquitos. While those candles may work for a little while, you are really burning a synthetic scent made of man-made, and at times harmful, ingredients.

Instead, use oils actually derived from the Cymbopogon nardus plant like nature intended. Over time, the citronella plant created terpenes, which are the aromatic compounds responsible for the therapeutic properties in essential oils. These terpenes were developed as a means of survival for all plant species. The plants developed terpenes to create a scent that attracts pollinators while simultaneously warding off pests that are eating the plants’ leaves. These are the same pests that you want to stop feeding on your skin.

Citronella essential oil can be applied topically, but there is no need to douse yourself like most people do with bug spray. Put it in spots like neck and wrist as if you were applying perfume. The scent will do the rest of the work.


Sage is a versatile oil. Many use it to draw anyway evil spirits that may be roaming about a newly purchased house. However, that’s not the only preventive damage sage oil does that you can’t see. The oil, derived from the Salvia officinalis plant, also helps protect the skin from damage caused by overexposure to the sun’s UV rays. That’s because sage essential oils are chock full of antioxidants.

On top of that, sage oil has antifungal properties. This is especially helpful for people who are using community pools or bath houses at resorts and hotels.

Wherever there are people and wet surfaces, bacteria is bound to follow. Using sage oil on the skin, preferably mixed in with a carrier oil like grapeseed oil, can ensure your body gets the amino acids and antioxidants necessary to heal and soothe skin.


We go on vacation to relax. However, with financial woes, figuring out travel logistics, and being in unknown areas, it could be hard to get some of that R&R. That’s what makes lavender oil the best travel companion.

Roll-on some lavender oil around the temples prior to take-off for a nice mid-flight snooze. Inhale the volatile oils prior to laying out on the beach to forget about all that work piling up at home. Handle any rashes from stress or sun by rubbing some oil onto the affected area. Lavender oil has a litany of benefits, and one common result–relaxation.


Feeling a little drowsy from time change? Instead of turning to another cup of coffee, try some lemon essential oil on for size. Not only will this help improve concentration and mood, but sniffing some lemon oil can also help boost your immune system that becomes compromised due to crowded travel days.

Have a foul-smelling hotel room? Diffuse lemon oil. There’s a reason why many companies synthetically produce lemon scented cleaning spray. That’s because actual lemon essential oil is a disinfectant. Unlike fake sprays, lemon essential oil will not just mask the odors plaguing your room, but actually kill those molecules for good.

Tea Tree

This is the first-aid kit of essential oils. Tea tree oil is versatile and can be used for many of your traveling concerns. That’s because tea tree oil is highly antibacterial. Any scrape in need of dressing can benefit from a little bit of tea tree oil, as it helps rejuvenate the damaged cells, causing the broken skin to close quicker.

What makes tea tree oil even better is that it compliments many other oils. Pack tea tree oil with sage oil to make an effective all-natural deodorant. Combine it with some peppermint oil for a makeshift mouthwash. Add a couple drops to your shampoo if you find pool chemicals are drying out your follicles. If you are packing just a couple essential oils, make sure that tea tree oil is one of them because it brings out the best in almost every oil it is paired with.

Have Fun!

Now that you have your essential guide for summer travel essential oils, go out and have some fun. Relax in a hammock under some shade, play in the sun, do whatever your heart desires. This time is for you…and your essential oils. Safe travels!




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