What’s it mean to focus and relax? Do some of us even know?! Relaxing and focusing can be a difficult thing to do when life gets crazy. But it’s important to remember to slow things down, relax, and take time to yourself.

How does one do such a thing? The obvious answer would be, “meditation” duh. Sure, meditation helps for some. It can alleviate pain, helps to improve your mood, and more. But is that the only way to achieve these things? Of course not! Meditation isn’t for everyone, so here’s a list of 5 things to do to help yourself focus a little better and relax a little more.


Talk A Walk Outside

According to this 86% of Americans sit at their jobs, for the majority of their workday. And in that study, 70% of these workers say they hate sitting all day.

Another shows that nature and walking can lead to a lower risk of depression. To boost that mood, go on a walk for your lunch break. Or if you have a day off, take the dog for a stroll down the street. If you’re needing some extra relaxation, leave the phone at home. Take the time in your walk to thing (or don’t) and come back feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of your day.

Make A List

People often stress themselves out by thinking they have too much to do, too little time, etc. When you make a list, really write down what needs to be done and you see it on paper, it can definitely make the workload seem less. Next, you can prioritize the things you can actually get accomplished. Does “rearrange the closet by color code” need to be on your to-do list right now? Something like that doesn’t need to stress you out, slowly get to things like that. Having a concrete to-do list helps us stick to what really needs done and it turn can reverse that anxiety of feeling overwhelmed.

Have An Actual Conversation With Another Human

Yes, you read that correctly. Get off the internet. Stay off twitter. Look into someone’s eyes and actually speak to them. Fully focus on the other person and listen to what they have to say. Even the small act of saying “thanks” to someone holding a door for us can reconnect us with the present moment. It can also prevent us from becoming stuck in our own thoughts or unimportant things, which block us from enjoying life as it comes.

Take A Bath

Need I say more? I think this is a method we can all get behind. A warm bath helps relax tensed nerves and show taking a regular warm bath can help reduce blood pressure. Throw in some essential oils, soapy bubble bath, and turn on that relaxing music. Let that stress soak away.

Have A Big Belly Laugh

“Laughter is the best medicine” isn’t a saying for nothing. A good laugh releases feel-good hormones, improves immunity, and releases tension! Humor comes in all form so find something best suited for you. There are many comedian shows, podcasts, funny movies, and more! Release those big belly laughs and you’ll be feeling relaxed in no time.

Stress has become the normal state of mind for most of us. Hopefully, this article has put more of a positive spin on how we can focus on days where the stress just seems too much. Be mindful of your stress and know when/how to manage it before you get too caught up in it. I don’t know about you but all 5 of those things listed above sound like easy solutions to help release tension, focus, and unwind. Let us all join the journey on being more relaxed, happy and peaceful people. Here’s to making “relaxation” a more common word in our vocabulary and daily lives!