The common dilemma for Super Bowl Sunday from everyone I speak with is the same, and it is not what team to root for, it’s …”How am I I going to stay up to watch “This Is Us” after a long night of football?

Let’s face it: football fan or foe, the “This Is Us” episode following the Super Bowl is the real TV event this weekend. It’s time to say goodbye to our beloved Jack Pearson. But we’ll need a Pearson-pick-me-up to get us through a football game, halftime hoopla and great commercials…as we wait (impatiently) to watch the sad fate of Jack, Rebecca and the Big 3 and all the cathartic feels this episode aims to bring.

So here is our drink ….”Jacked Up”…cause we are, but as we’re bracing ourselves, we are going to need a “Pearson Pick Up ” to stay awake, soothe our nerves and get through the Super Bowl …that and plenty of tissues.


Many trendy weight loss regimens have come and gone, proving to be nothing more than just a flash-in-the-pan. However, with each passing craze, more research and results derive from the success, and ultimately, the fizzling out of diet plans. As studies have evolved, they have started to point to one key component that will not only have you shedding weight, but will result in you feeling like a younger and healthier person. That key to weight loss is cell rejuvenation.

Rejuvenation is as refreshing as it sounds. You are getting rid of dead and impaired cells within your body, and replenishing them with new ones full of oxygen and life. This will give your organs and your immune system a little extra boost, as well as provide your skin with an added glow.

This sounds absolutely amazing, but how do we rejuvenate our cells? Your cells get a new take on life through caloric restriction. The human race in general usually eats far beyond the 2,000-2,500 calories we should intake daily. So, the first step to losing weight is to cut back on the calories. A lot of these trendy weight loss regimens will attest to that.

However, what sets this diet apart from all the other weight loss remedies out there is that in order to get the rejuvenation going, you need to not just cut back on the calories. You need to slice them in half.

Todd Morgan, PhD, a leader in intermittent fasting, conducted research through the University of Southern California (USC) on cell rejuvenation. The reports indicated that when eating under 1,000 calories for a day 5 days in a row, your body instinctively prepares for famine. I know that sounds insane, but your body has a sufficient amount of fat and fiber to hold you over. Remember, we’ve been getting too much all along!

ill start tomorrow”. You will welcome the accountability for those new cells,