We’re conditioned to get introspective around New Years every year. We set new fitness goals, new travel aspirations, new relationship resolutions and new career ambitions. We commit to being disciplined and better friends and to following through. And all of those things are wonderful. So wonderful in fact, that they’re worth checking back in on. Now’s the time to celebrate mid-year progress, track what’s working (or not) and jump back on the horse if you’ve started to let yourself slip into old bad habits.

If this seems daunting, don’t get overwhelmed! At Enjoying the Art of Living, we believe you can live beautifully and enjoy every single day by making simple shifts that have big impact. Our health, wellness, relationship and lifestyle articles are full of practical tips to do just that! Wander our site for fresh inspiration.

But first, here’s how to do your check-in:


  • .Health
  • Relationships
  • Work
  • Adventure
  • Heart

Under each column, write 1 goal you had this year for that area of your life. For example, in your relationship column, you might write: “Skype or meet up with a friend once a week.” In the adventure column you might write: “Play an original song at an open mic.” or “Get scuba certified.” or “Take a trapeze class.” In your heart column, you might write: “Spend the first 20 minutes of my day in prayer.” or “Make peace with [family member’s name here.]

Next, go back to each column and write one accomplishment you’ve made in that area this year. This is the part we so often overlook when we check in on our goals. We don’t celebrate enough. By writing down your wins, your heart gets happy, you feel less strive-y and you’re fueled to do even more.

For example, in the health column you might write: “I’ve switched to only eating free range, organic meats.” or “I joined the rock climbing gym.” In the work column you might write: “I refreshed my resume.” or “I got a kick-butt evaluation from my boss.” or “I hired my first employee for my business!

The final step is to go back through each column and write one small thing you can, starting today, to achieve the goal you’d set for that area. For example, in the relationship column you might write: “Text [friend’s name here] to set up a coffee date.” In the work column you might write: “Sign up for the e-course about transitioning from your day job to your dream job.” In the adventure column you might write: “Research scuba schools near me.”

And there you have it. Your goals. Your wins. And the small, powerful steps you can take today to build the loveliest life possible.



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