Our moms are the best. We can brush our teeth because they taught us how. And keep our commitments because they showed us that’s important. And write thank you notes because they taught us gratitude. And not starve because we watched them cook and learned ourselves. And leave the house because they helped us through hard breakups. How in the world can we shower our moms with thanks for everything they’ve been to us? Here are a few ideas to celebrate your mom without breaking the bank:

Be a DIY-er.

Turn the phrase she used to say to you as a kid into a framed, hand lettered sign – and feel free to enlist the help of a friend with pretty handwriting! Tell mom you’ve signed her up for your book club and that every month you’ll have a book reserved for her at her local library. Ask your siblings, her friends and other family members to send you video messages for her. Make them into a little movie.

Give a gift that shows you’ve listened.

This one starts long before Mother’s Day! When mom mentions laughingly that she lost all of her earrings or that her back has been hurting lately or that she wants the recipe for the thing you cooked the other day, you should be hearing: beautiful pearl studs, deep tissue massage and a handwritten recipe with a sweet note.

Spend time in her world. Even if it’s not yours.

A meaningful Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometimes what means the most is simply enjoying what your mom loves … with her. Does your mom love bird watching? Spending all day at the library? Pedicures? Volunteering at a women’s shelter? Spend time on Mother’s Day going to her places and doing her things.

Let the love overflow.

Commit to stop and call your mom whenever you think of a reason you’re thankful for her. And not just on Mother’s Day. If hearing her advice go through your head on the rough day you had last week got you through it, text her! Tell her! It’ll make her happy.

Hope these ideas gave you a little inspiration!

Now we want to hear from you: How will you celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day?