Everyone wants radiant skin. Gorgeous skin is a sign that we’re healthy, well-rested and take care of our bodies. And the happy news is that you can have it! Nourished, glowing skin starts on the inside and our diets play a major role. So here are the top 8 superfoods to fold into your daily diet if you want skin that’s glowing all year around.


Consider avocados your skin’s over-protective best friend.  In a good way! Rich in antioxidants, avocados provide a shield against the free radical damage that ages your skin. Avocados are also rich in vitamins C and E and their healthy fatty acids deliver much needed moisture to your skin, helping to generate damaged skin cells and offering deep hydration.


Not only are apricots are chock full of vitamins A, C, K and E, but apricot oil is a tremendous skin smoother and quick-absorbing moisturizer.  Because it’s such a mild and gentle oil, apricot oil is often used in baby products!  So if you have sensitive skin, eating (or applying) apricot oil will pamper your skin gently … and reduce inflammation and skin damage in the process. Apricot’s also been known to aid in the treatment of skin conditions like eczema.


Journeying towards a clearer complexion? Add brazil nuts to your list of must-have munchies. These little skin savers are rich in selenium, a trace mineral that does wonders to clear your skin. Its superpowers are threefold: fights skin infections (think: blemishes), it calms inflammation and reverses cell damage.


The lycopene in tomatoes helps protect your skin from sun damage and gives your skin that baby soft and smooth feeling. And lycopene’s antioxidants are up to 100 times stronger than those contained in vitamin E!


Ah, delicious salmon. It’s full of healthy fats and Omega-3s. In layman’s terms that means that adding salmon to your diet will give your skin everything it needs for softer, more hydrated skin, reduced fine line and wrinkles, and reduced inflammation (which can contribute to less clogged pores!)

6.  KALE

Kale’s sulphur and fiber content help to naturally detoxify your body and by association … your skin. And kale’s high levels of vitamin A serve as little construction crews to repair and rebuild the vital under-layers of your skin.


Delicious pomegranates contain powerful antioxidants (goodbye sun damage!) Pomegranates can also help your skin cells to regenerate and are rich in vitamin C … which helps boost collagen formation. You can even crush the seeds to make a powerful, moisturizing facial scrub.


Did you know that stress is a major cause of skin woes? Eating a little dark chocolate makes your brain happy and calms your mood! Dark chocolate also has all of the oh so helpful antioxidant properties of other more obvious “health foods.” So after you’ve eaten your wild caught salmon and a kale salad with pomegranates and avocado, cap things off with a piece of dark chocolate. Your skin will thank you for it.

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