From summer’s heat to hectic holidays with barely a blink…then we wake up to a New Year, feeling disconnected as we scramble to make resolutions to get us back on track, but it doesn’t have to be this way. What if I told that a little check-in and change in action now, would help keep you on track and energized through to the New Year and beyond?

Autumn is the time of year to slow down and become grounded in our connection to ourselves. During this transition from summer’s heat and long days to the coolest and darkest time of the year and we can often experience a sense of loss as the leaves drop and the light fades, however, we can cultivate balance during this time of transition.

Autumn is the perfect time to check-in with yourself, practice self-care and store up energy for the holidays when we often give the most of ourselves to others. Fall is all about making sure you are connected to yourself, here’s my top tips to keep you grounded.



Shorter days are Mother Nature’s way of slowing us down. During the fall, you’ll want to enjoy the harvest of your efforts all year up to this point, so take a serious look at your commitments and to-do list and cut back. Once you’ve created some breathing room, it’s time to do just that…breath and begin to practice self-care. Self-care means just that, caring for yourself.

The reason that illness can so easily overtake us in the fall is that we forget to take care of ourselves. Taking time for yourself to read, meditate, journal or simply breath is the first step in developing an in tuned self-care practice. It is only from a calm and peaceful place, that we can truly answer the question ‘What do I need.’


During the fall, it’s time to adjust our internal clocks and get more sleep. When we don’t get enough sleep, our bodies don’t have the time to rest and we compromise our immune systems, which is why fall is prime time for colds and flu.

Lack of sleep is also linked to weight gain, putting us at risk to gain unwanted weight before we even indulge in holiday treats. To wind down at the end of the day, create a routine by turning off electronics, and dimming the lights while you enjoy a cup of warm herbal tea.




Fall is the best time to eat healthy hearty foods from the garden as nourishing warm meals. Making healthy foods for ourselves and our families helps us to connect both to the natural world and each other. Eating stews, soups and casseroles through the fall, nourishes our bodies with nutrients from the bounty of the harvest at the market.


Maintaining regular and consistent exercise throughout the fall, will not only keep your body healthy, it will help you deal with stress and feel calm, while also boosting your energy and helping you to control your weight. The cooler temps and vibrant colors of fall are great for outdoor exercise and being in the sun will help to boost your Vitamin D before winter.


Fall is the perfect time to organize your home and bring out your cool weather clothes. As you re-arrange, take this opportunity to create space in your home by decluttering and downsizing. When our schedules and minds are hectic, our homes can be too, and consciously creating order and space in your home will help you to feel organized in all aspects of your life.


Now is the time to connect with yourself and to create a feeling of being grounded in all aspects of your life. How do you feel about: yourself, your family, your career and your goals? Are you staying on track? Journaling about your thoughts, feelings, goals and actions will help you to see how you feel and record your accomplishments. By keeping yourself in tuned with the rhythms of nature, you’ll keep yourself in balance and enjoy preparing for winter.



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